SMC & BMC Resin

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SMC & BMC Resin

SMC lightweight composites are widely used because of their unique shape and high dimensional accuracy.


SMC makes the parts durable, high strength, beautiful and so on, which naturally becomes an ideal material scheme and is widely used. SMC makes class a body parts for passenger cars, trucks and agricultural machinery. The enclosure and facilities manufactured by SMC are important components of electrical and lighting units. With the continuous development of SMC technology, SMC has more and more new applications in the end market, such as residential interior components and furniture.


Compared with RTM and hand lay up, SMC has the advantages of high molding speed, high dimensional accuracy, stable performance and easy control. Compared with the technical scheme based on steel, the cost-effectiveness of using SMC for products with appropriate scale is superior, and it has the advantage of reducing weight.


SMC & BMC Resin

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