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As a new material R&D and production enterprise that focuses on its own competitiveness, chemview has introduced a large number of Chinese and foreign R&D, production and process technology talents from many universities, corporate technology centers and Fortune 500 companies, and has set up a factory with a building area of 5,000 square meters. The chemview Enterprise Technology Center is the largest research institute in the synthetic resin industry. It has an application testing center, a quality control and product analysis center, an application technology center and a synthesis R&D center, each of which assumes different functions.


Performance Testing Center


R & D


The performance testing center is equipped with advanced universal testing instruments (tensile, bending, compression), simply supported beam impact tester (impact), HDT thermal deformation and glass transition temperature tester, oxygen index tester, liquid density tester, hardness tester, arc resistance, voltage breakdown Testing equipment such as testers and UV aging testers can not only test the physical properties, chemical properties, toxic and harmful properties, and electrical properties of resins, coatings, and composite products, but can also provide product inspection and testing for the surrounding composite material manufacturers. Training work.


Quality Inspection Center


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The quality inspection center has established a very complete inspection and testing system and is equipped with fully imported acidity, hydroxyl value analyzers, trace moisture analyzers, rotating /Plate cone/bubble tube viscometer, density tester, chromaticity tester, high-precision electronic balance, GC, HPLC and other advanced inspection and testing equipment, with a complete inspection and inspection process for raw materials entering the factory, central control and finished products leaving the factory.


Application Testing Center


R & D


The application test center is equipped with UV light curing test machine, smoke resistance tester, thickening test group, SMC sheet test unit, BMC kneader, hydraulic press, pultrusion test machine, casting test group, spray test group, RTM and vacuum introduction test group. The main functions include application test evaluation before new products are put on the market, application analysis of resin and composite material products fatigue resistance and salt spray test, product molding process technology development.


Synthesis R&D Center


R & D


As the R&D base of Chemview, the Synthetic R&D Center has profound scientific research and innovation capabilities. Chemview introduced many graduate students from many key chemical engineering universities at home and abroad, such as Daejeon University in South Korea, China University of Petroleum, and Nanjing University of Science and Technology, and established UPR R&D Division, CR R&D Division, Water-Based R&D Division, Coating R&D Division and Applied Technology Division focus on high-performance synthetic resin production technology development and composite material molding process research. Products cover material chemistry and coatings two areas of chemistry. In terms of material chemistry, chemview focuses on high-performance unsaturated polyester resins, epoxy modified resins and other high-performance resins for composite materials. Products include SMC/BMC high-performance molding resin series, vinyl anti-corrosion resin series and hand lay-up vacuum Imported resin series, mainly used in the manufacture of carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced composite products. The application fields of finished products include aerospace, rail transit, automobile lightweight, wind power generation, marine anticorrosion, flue gas desulfurization and other industries; dedicated to the surface chemical treatment of products Coating chemical products include solvent-based and water-based high-performance resins of acrylic series, polyester series and epoxy series. The products are mainly used in the fields of electronic optics, food packaging and medical bonding, metal coating and wood coating. The center is equipped with advanced component analysis instruments such as GPC, FITR, and GC-MS, and can reverse engineer internationally advanced products.


Production Technology


The company actively carries out international technical cooperation, and has introduced production technology and a number of foreign professional and technical personnel from the world's top 500 companies such as DIC of Japan, Royal DSM of the Netherlands, Aekyung Chemical of South Korea, Ashland of the United States, and DOW Chemical Group, and has established an independent production Technical department. 


R & D


In terms of equipment, we are the first in the domestic resin industry to adopt food-grade stainless steel reaction equipment and pipelines, and use GMP standards to produce resins. The whole plant has reached the international SGS food-grade product standards. The introduction of internationally advanced production technology and equipment has greatly shortened the resin production cycle and improved production efficiency and product quality.


R & D


The production control system is the first to be equipped with an intelligent synthetic resin production system in China. It adopts the Emerson DeltaV Batch digital automation management system, adopts the intuitive interactive operation mode of configuration management to connect personnel, process and production, and makes full use of the current pre-diagnosis technology to help improve operating issue.


All waste liquid and VOC waste gas in the whole plant are treated by TO (direct combustion) + RTO (regenerative combustion), and all the heat generated by the treatment is used for heating in winter and pipeline insulation. We don't let go of any volatilization of organic compounds, and reach or fall below the special emission value in an all-round way, so as to be in harmony with nature.

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