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Wind turbine cabin cover resin
Product Description

● Wind turbine cabin cover resin


Product Type Vis(mPa.s) G.T(min) Feature Application
8050 Ortho 160-200 - low temperature peak, low shrinkage boats, wind turbine cabin cover
8061 Modify UPR 160-200 - fast gel, high exothermic peak, low shrinkage, quick demoulding small parts or products
8070 Iso 160-200 - excellent wettability, low exothermic peak, low shrinkage And fast curing large parts or products
H105 Ortho 200-400 26-67 low volatility, low shrinkage, thixotropy universal hand lay-up, spray resin, suitable for various accessories production
H5510 Styrene-free 900-1300 18-22 Styrene-free PS foam material for hand lay-up transition layer when making original molds


● Blade resin/structural glue


Product Type Vis(mPa.s) G.T(min) Feature Application
W300 Ortho 150-250 80-120 Vacuum introduction, pre-acceleration, high strength, low heat release wind turbine blades
W900 VE 150-250 80-120 Vacuum-introduced, pre-accelerated, high-strength, low-exothermic, heat-resistant, water-resistant wind turbine blades
BP500 Vinyl ester adhesive 100-500 25-80 epoxy vinyl resin-based adhesive with good mechanical properties and good toughness, used for bonding FRP products Adhesive assembly of industrial parts 


● Gel coat


Product Type Vis(mPa.s) G.T(min) Feature Application
GP-xxxx S/H Orthe 2000-4000 10-20 crack resistance  suitable for the inner surface of canopy and hubcap 
GE-xxxx S/H Iso 2000-4000 10-20 weather resistance, light resistance  general canopy, also suitable for plateau areas 
GN-xxxx S/H O-benzenopentyl glycol 2000-4000 10-20 water resistance, weather resistance suitable for coastal areas Area's canopy


● Mold material 


Product Type Vis(mPa.s) G.T(min) Feature Application
P430PT VE 250-400 10-18 high strength, high heat resistance, low shrinkage Hand paste, jetting
132PTF Pre-promotion 480-730 18-45 zero shrinkage. One-time molding, high mold accuracy Hand paste, jetting
4401W/M/S VE 230-370 12-65 good wettability, high toughness, crack resistance, high heat distortion temperature, excellent thermal degradation resistance making mold material
8200 Ortho 900-1100 8-20 excellent wettability, low exothermic peak temperature, stable curing rate , Excellent water resistance, excellent mechanical strength Hand paste, jetting
TP2016S Polyester wood substitute - 7-13 for CNC machine tool processing original mold jetting
GM-xxxx S/H Mould coat 1800-3500 10-30 durable, high temperature resistance, impact resistance jetting


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