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Quartz Stone Resin

Quartz Stone Resin is used for the casting of marble, tabletop, bath tub, etc. It has good filling mechanical property, high toughness, applicable to artificial quartz slabs.
Product Description

Quartz Stone Resin


Product Type Vis(mPa.s) G.T(min) Feature Application
Q7201 Ortho 600-900 6-14 Good toughness,excellent mechanical strengh Artificial marble scrap bonding,artificial quartz stone slabs,etc.
Q7203 Ortho 600-950 7-15 High toughness and transparency Room temperature quartzite
Q7205 Ortho 750-950 9-14 Low shrinkage and high hardness Mesothermal quartzite
Q7301 Iso 700-1000 5-8 High strengh,good toughness resistance to yellowing and aging High grade artificial quartz slate,etc

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