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Pultruded Resin

The pultrusion resin is a transparent viscous liquid or a light yellow transparent liquid.The pultrusion resin has the characteristics of high mechanical strength and toughness,good surface quality,corrosion resistance, etc. Pultrusion resin is suitable for pultrusion rods and profiles,such as spray rods,mosquito net rods,etc.
Product Description


Product Type Vis(mPa.s) G.T(min) Feature Application
A404 Ortho 550-700 8-15 Universal type Profiles
A405S Ortho 650-800 7-13 Rapid pultrusion Profiles
A415 Ortho 630-770 3-7 High modulus, high strength Tent poles, doors and Windows, grilles, tool handles
A407 Iso 400-550 9-17 High strength Profiles
A409 Iso 600-800 15-25 High strength, high toughness, weather resistance Photovoltaic bracket, frame, anti-collision beam
A420 Iso 500-900 14-26 High strength, high toughness Profiles, breeding rods
A423 Iso 700-800 20-30 High ring stiffness Special for winding
A428 Modify UPR 740-920 4-8 High reactivity, good infiltration Cable core
A429 Modify UPR 400-600 4-10 High rigidity, high strength Suitable for basalt fiber
A450 VE 400-500 7-10 High rigidity, high strength, high thermal deformation temperature Cable strengthening core, photovoltaic frame, blade main beam
A8240 VE 250-550 5-16 High strength, corrosion resistance, good infiltration Main blade beam
P1001 Vinyl flame retardant 300-500 12-13 High flame retardant, corrosion resistance Pipe, anode tube


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