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Hand Layup Resin

UPR for laminating application include general purpose type, chemical resistance type and thixotropic type, and are designed for hand lay-up or spray-up process to fabricate all kinds of FRP products.
Product Description

Hand Layup Resin is transparent viscous liquid or reddish viscous liquid with excellent wettability high mechanical strength, good corrosion resistance, good imbibition to glass fiber etc. Hand Layup Resin is suitable for glass fiber and carbon fiber molding manufacturing of automobile parts. air conditioning coverwind turbine cabin cover and so on.


Product Type Vis(mPa.s) G.T(min) Feature Application
DA191 Ortho 300-450 5-6 High thermal deformation temperature and high strength Commonality
196 Ortho 400-500 2.5-5.5 Good infiltration Commonality
196A Modiry UPR 400-500 2.5-3.5 Good infiltration and low shrinkage Commonality
H1001(N) Ortho 350-450 9-16 High resctivity,excellent wettability,high toughness,wide applicability Winding pipe,hand lay-up reinforcement
H105 Ortho 200-400 26-67 Pre-promoted thixotropic,high strength Ships,automotive parts
H1003PT Modiry UPR 350-450 10-18 Pre-promoted thixotropy,low volatility,low shrinkage Hand paste,ships
H1006PT Modiry UPR 420-480 20-25 Pre-promoted thixotropic,universal type Hand paste,ships
H5510 Styrene-free 900-1300 18-22 Styrene-free Interior decoration


Hand Layup Resin

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