Flame Retardant Resin

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Flame Retardant Resin

Fire retardant resin refers to the resin material that can prevent or slow down the burning speed after certain technical treatment. Generally, the resin is flammable, but the flame retardant resin greatly reduces the flammability and reduces the fire hazard. Flame retardant resin is indispensable in daily life, and is generally used as a very important material in buildings, vehicles, etc.

The flame retardant resin can be effectively prevented from burning by adding a certain amount of solvent during processing to improve its heat resistance and flame resistance. According to the way of solvent addition, flame retardant resin can be divided into additive flame retardant resin and reactive flame retardant resin. Flame retardant resin can be highly flammable, and will extinguish itself after fire, so as to inhibit the spread of fire and reduce the emission of toxic gases, thereby minimizing personal danger.

When the material encounters fire, the heat insulation of its protective layer reduces the temperature rise of the material, so as to prevent the material from burning. Such as fire retardant coating, ablative materials in aerospace field, etc; The material will self extinguish after leaving the fire, or delay the combustion rate and reduce the heat release, so as to achieve the purpose of flame retardant. It is mainly high polymer flame retardant materials, and flame retardant resin also belong to this category.


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